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You Create Your Podcast, We'll Do the Rest. Or We Can Help You from the Beginning.

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With over 3,000,000 plus podcasts...

What will you do to stand out? That's where we come in. We're Podcast Genesis. We can help you launch a podcast or create one from scratch. We'll produce, edit, launch and promote your podcast. Or just help you get launched. We have three different launchpads to help you get going and growing.

Get launched or get famous

Your goal is our mission. Short term or long term. This is where your podcast begins. If you're ready to launch or get started on your podcast journey, we're here to help you get started the right way. With years of radio, audio, and podcast experience we'll make sure you have a successful launch on all the major podcast platforms.

Choose a plan below and get started!

What Style is Your Podcast?


  • The host interviews guests on various topics. The guests can be experts, celebrities, business owners, thought leaders or anyone with a unique perspective or experience..


  • The host speaks directly to the audience, without guests, and often shares their own experiences, thoughts, or insights.


  • The host has one or more co-hosts who join in on the conversation sharing perspectives or opinions on the topics being discussed, which helps keep the conversation flowing.


  • This style spans over multiple episodes, released in seasons or as a limited series. A complete story or a particular topic in-depth over a set period of time.


  • This style focuses on telling stories, fictional or non-fictional, in a compelling way. With host or narrator, a variety of genres, including true crime, drama, and comedy.


  • This style has a group of guests discussing a particular topic. The host often provide their own insights or opinions. Panel or roundtable podcasts can be lively and engaging.

Remember, content is different than style. Your podcast can include any variety of content. Some podcasts educate and inform while others entertain.

Delivery is something else to consider. How often will you release episodes? Daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally. Of course, it's up to but you must consider your audience. How often do they need to hear from you with fresh content. Audience growth depends on both content and consistency. Ask yourself, "How quickly do I want to grow my podcast?"

Let Us Guide You to Podcast Success

Podcast Genesis was launched to help new podcasters start their podcasting journey with a strong foundation. We know starting a podcast can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you're new to the medium. We understand that it's essential to have a professional-sounding podcast to attract and retain listeners, and we help you achieve that by providing guidance on equipment, recording, editing, distribution, and promotion.

We also believe that everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard, and starting a podcast can be an excellent way to do that. We provide beginning podcasters with a leg up and a great start by offering customized launch services that fit their specific needs and goals.

We want to help as many people as possible unleash the power of podcasting and share their unique perspectives as far as the world or as close as their local community.

"This is where your podcast begins." ~ Mike Lamb

Our 3 Podcast Launch Plans

Do you need a little help or a plan to go big. Choose the plan that's right for you. 

Genesis Quest

You Create It, We'll Launch Your Podcast Everywhere

You're creating your podcast or it's done and ready to launch. Let us help you plan, promote, and unveil your podcast to the world, your city or your online community. We'll launch your podcast successfully on all the major podcast platforms.

Genesis Evolution

We'll Produce and Edit, Then Launch Your Podcast

You've got an idea for a podcast. Let us help you flush it out, prepare a plan for getting it produced, pro-edited, and get it ready for launch. When you give the word, we'll launch your baby on all the major podcast platforms.

Genesis Odyssey

We'll Produce, Edit, Launch & Promote Your Podcast

We work with you at the start of your podcast idea. You get the brainstorming & coaching to help take your podcast from inception to launch, strategic promotion. Production, editing, launch planning, podcast launch on major platforms and more.


Genesis Quest

You create it, and we'll review, prepare, and launch your podcast!

  • Edit & Produce Your First 7 Episodes

  • Launch Press Release

  • Automatic Distribution on Multiple Podcast Platforms

  • Get This Plan


    Genesis Evolution

    We'll edit & produce, prepare, and launch your podcast! 

  • 10 Episodes of Your Podcast

  • Key Benefit

  • Key Benefit

  • Key Benefit

  • Key Benefit

  • Key Benefit

  • Get This Plan


    Genesis Odyssey

    We'll edit & produce, prepare, launch, and promote your podcast!

    • 10 Episodes of Your Podcasts

    • Strong Point

    • Strong Point

    • Strong Point

    Get This Plan

    We'll put your podcast on these and a whole lot more!

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